Are you struggling to keep up with your administrative work? Are you struggling with time management? Would you like to respond to customer enquiries faster and win more work?

Do you have difficulty with writing and numbers? Are you living in constant fear of late payment fees and fines?

If your business is being impacted by the cost of:

  • lost chargeable hours
  • longer working day and loss of family/recreation time
  • slow customer response times and lost opportunities
  • staff downtime and dissatisfaction

9thDay can diminish these penalties. Avoid the expensive costs and compliance of locating and hiring staff to complete these task,. We connect you with experienced assistants who will cater specifically to your businesses requirements.

  • Liaise with government authorities -eg :  ATO, Workcover, Fair Work,
  • Manage communication with professional service providers – accountant , solicitor, insurers banks We
  • Content creation
  • Creating automated processes staff onboarding
  • Effectively manage your files and implement paperless office workflows
  • Managing inbound customer enquiries
  • Customised spreadsheets
  • Management of websites and cloud applications

9th Day connects you with the ideal service provider for your business; one call does it all. Not only saving you time and money, but most importantly leaving you to get back to what you do best.

Sort out and scale up your business.

Don’t know where exactly to start?

Call 9thDay at 1800 9852 99 to discuss your business needs today.