“According to Telstra, “60% of small businesses in Australia don’t have an online presence”, yet 60% of existing and prospective customers avidly seek such presence. We are here to change that.

Ten years ago, advertising was simple. Businesses could design an ad for yellow pages or place an ad in the newspaper and simply wait for the phone to ring. Today, the world of advertising and marketing is much more complex. Businesses must deal with SEO, CRM, Adwords, Funnels, Segmentation and Analytics. But, 9th Day can take care of it all and help make it simple again.

Here at 9th Day we think about the big picture. Our holistic approach creates strategies that encompass digital marketing, customer service, sales and traditional business development to effectively and profitably solve your unique business obstacles.

Whether your business’s objective is to retain current customers or enter a new market niche, 9th Day can assist you with the marketing and sales tools necessary to succeed.

We take you step-by-step through the digital marketing process and help you:

  • Develop a plan
  • Create content about your business
  • Setup your website
  • Layout your social media presence
  • Set up and manage your contacts via Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software
  • Execute your digital marketing strategy
  • Provide relevant analytics and reports
  • Automate your marketing tactics

Make your customer experience more enjoyable and hassle free. Improve your response time, engage more efficiently, and boost your sales using 9th Day’s innovative solutions.

We place an emphasis on the importance of incorporating effective Marketing and Sales into your business practice because it is how your business will bring in traction and profits.  We will help you make your brand name known, no matter the industry or business type. Engage better and faster with simple, effective and affordable Digital Marketing and Software solutions.