Technology Implementation and Support

In this day and age, a business cannot prosper without the appropriate software and technology implementation and technology support. Knowing what applications to use and how to utilize them can be confusing and overwhelming. 9th Day works to take all of this pressure away.

Why is 9th day your perfect partner for all your technology implementation and support needs?

9th Day can lead you through all the steps necessary to running your own company’s website, using the latest technology. If you are not well-versed in technology or want to learn more, 9th Day has the capability to help you with all of your IT related needs,  understanding the need for simple technology implementation. We can organise domain name registration on your behalf, put you in touch with professional web designers, and configure & support cloud based solutions. Running a website will never feel more simple.

We help ease the nerves of dealing with new artificial intelligence and technology. We can recommend the best accounts management software and communication tools for your specific business. For the more complicated software systems, 9th Day can organise the installation. We also provide training to help you understand how to use these technology systems and software.

The benefits of effective and efficient technology support

Our Information Technology team provides high level technology support and data backup systems so that information is at your fingertips whenever you need it. We teach our clients how to use the best technology to run a business effectively while reducing paper waste through our paperless and automated office. Not only will you learn more about technology but you will gain key insights into managing your own business by using your company’s technology-extracted data


Additionally, 9th Day provides cloud based services for all of your unique technological needs. We include such services for business documentation, project management, and accounting. Whether you are new to technology implementation or an advanced user, we recommend systems that will alleviate the pressure of utilizing technology and further enable your business to grow.

From Gmail to AI, we constantly surf the planet for the best and latest business apps that come with best technology support your business.